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Why I Hate TikTok Ads and How to Avoid Them

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 1 billion monthly active users. It's a place where people can create and share short videos, often with music, filters, and effects. TikTok is also a place where advertisers can reach a large and engaged audience, especially among the younger generation.

However, not everyone is a fan of TikTok ads. In fact, some people hate them so much that they are looking for ways to get rid of them or avoid them altogether. In this article, I will share with you why I hate TikTok ads and how you can reduce or block them on your device.

Reasons Why I Hate TikTok Ads

They are annoying and intrusive

One of the main reasons why I hate TikTok ads is that they are annoying and intrusive. They interrupt the flow of the videos that I want to watch, sometimes popping up in the middle or at the end of a video. They also take up a lot of screen space, making it hard to see the content that I'm interested in.

Some of the ads are also loud, flashy, or irrelevant to my interests. They can be distracting and irritating, especially when I'm trying to relax or have fun on TikTok. Sometimes, I feel like I'm watching more ads than videos on TikTok.

They are repetitive and boring

Another reason why I hate TikTok ads is that they are repetitive and boring. I often see the same ads over and over again, sometimes even back to back. They don't offer me any variety or novelty, which makes me lose interest and attention.

Some of the ads are also poorly made or low quality. They don't have any creativity or originality, and they don't capture my attention or curiosity. They look like they were made by amateurs or bots, and they don't reflect the quality or style of TikTok.

They are misleading and deceptive

A third reason why I hate TikTok ads is that they are misleading and deceptive. Some of the ads make false or exaggerated claims about their products or services, such as promising instant results, unrealistic benefits, or guaranteed satisfaction. They don't provide any evidence or proof to back up their claims, and they don't disclose any risks or limitations.

Some of the ads also use fake or manipulated images, videos, or testimonials to trick me into clicking on them or buying from them. They don't respect my intelligence or honesty, and they try to exploit my emotions or impulses. They are unethical and dishonest, and they don't deserve my trust or money.

How to Avoid TikTok Ads

Fortunately, there are some ways to avoid TikTok ads or reduce their frequency and impact. Here are some tips that you can try:

Skip or close the adsThe simplest way to avoid TikTok ads is to skip or close them as soon as they appear on your screen. You can usually do this by tapping on the X button, the skip button, or swiping left or right.- Easy and quick
- Free
- Not always possible
- Still see some ads
Mute or lower the volumeAnother way to avoid TikTok ads is to mute or lower the volume of your device when they play. This way, you won't hear any annoying sounds or voices from the ads.- Easy and quick
- Free
- Still see some ads
- Miss some sounds from videos
Turn off mobile data or Wi-FiA third way to avoid TikTok ads is to turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection when you use TikTok. This way, you won't load any ads from the internet.- Free
- No ads at all
- Need to download videos beforehand
- Can't watch live streams or new videos
Use an ad blocker appA fourth way to avoid TikTok ads is to use an ad blocker app on your device. This way, you can block any ads from showing up on your screen.- No ads at all
- Can watch live streams and new videos
- Need to download and install an app
- May not work for all ads
- May affect the performance or security of your device
Buy TikTok ProA fifth way to avoid TikTok ads is to buy TikTok Pro, a premium subscription service that offers ad-free viewing, exclusive features, and other benefits.- No ads at all
- Can watch live streams and new videos
- Can access exclusive features and benefits
- Need to pay a monthly fee
- May not be available in all countries or regions

FAQs About TikTok Ads

Why does TikTok have ads?

TikTok has ads because it is a free app that relies on advertising revenue to sustain its business and operations. Ads help TikTok pay for its servers, staff, content creators, and other expenses. Ads also help TikTok improve its services and features, and provide more value to its users and partners.

How does TikTok target ads?

TikTok targets ads based on various factors, such as your location, device, language, age, gender, interests, preferences, behavior, and history. TikTok uses these factors to show you ads that are relevant and personalized to you. You can also adjust your ad settings to control what kinds of ads you see on TikTok.

How much do TikTok ads cost?

TikTok ads cost depends on various factors, such as the type of ad, the duration of the ad, the size of the audience, the time of the day, the competition, and the goal of the campaign. According to some sources, the average cost per impression (CPM) for TikTok ads ranges from $1 to $4, while the average cost per click (CPC) ranges from $0.1 to $0.6.

How effective are TikTok ads?

TikTok ads are effective depending on various factors, such as the quality of the ad, the relevance of the ad, the engagement of the audience, and the measurement of the results. According to some sources, the average click-through rate (CTR) for TikTok ads ranges from 1% to 3%, while the average conversion rate (CVR) ranges from 2% to 6%.

How to create TikTok ads?

To create TikTok ads, you need to sign up for a TikTok Ads account and follow the steps to create a campaign. You can choose from different types of ads, such as in-feed ads, topview ads, branded hashtag challenge ads, branded effects ads, or spark ads. You can also use TikTok's creative tools and templates to design your ads.

How to measure TikTok ads?

To measure TikTok ads, you need to use TikTok's analytics tools and reports to track and evaluate your campaign performance. You can see various metrics and insights, such as impressions, clicks, views, likes, comments, shares, followers, conversions, revenue, return on ad spend (ROAS), and more.

How to optimize TikTok ads?

To optimize TikTok ads, you need to use TikTok's optimization tools and strategies to improve your campaign performance. You can test different ad variations, target different audiences, adjust your bids and budgets, schedule your ads, use smart optimization features, and more.

How to report TikTok ads?

To report TikTok ads that are inappropriate or offensive, you can tap on the "..." button on the top right corner of the ad and select "Report Ad". You can also provide feedback or suggestions about the ads you see on TikTok by tapping on "Ad Feedback" in your settings.

How to block TikTok ads?

To block specific advertisers or categories of ads on TikTok, you can tap on "..." button on the top right corner of the ad and select "Not Interested" or "Hide Ad". You can also manage your ad preferences in your settings by turning off personalized or interest-based ads.

How to contact TikTok ads support?

To contact TikTok ads support for any questions or issues regarding your account or campaign, you can visit or email You can also find helpful resources and guides on


TikTok is a great platform for entertainment and creativity, but it also has its drawbacks. One of them is the annoying and intrusive ads that can ruin your experience. If you are one of those who hateTikTok ads, you can try some of the methods that I shared with you to avoid or reduce them. You can also check out other articles on our website that can help you with TikTok marketing, such as How to Use TikTok Ads for Affiliate Marketing. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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