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How to Boost Your Business with Organic TikTok Ads

Hi online friends, If you're looking for a way to grow your brand awareness, reach new customers, and drive more traffic to your website, you might want to consider using organic TikTok ads.

Organic TikTok ads are videos that you create and post on your own TikTok account, or videos that other creators make and authorize you to use for advertising purposes. These videos have the same look and feel as regular TikTok content, but they also have a call to action button that directs viewers to your desired goal, such as visiting your profile, sending you a message, or clicking on your website link.

In this article, we'll show you how to use organic TikTok ads to boost your business, and share some tips and best practices from successful case studies. Let's get started!

What are the benefits of organic TikTok ads?

Organic TikTok ads have several advantages over traditional ads, such as:

- They are more authentic and engaging. Organic TikTok ads blend in with the native content of the platform, and showcase your brand's personality, story, and values. They also leverage the creative features of TikTok, such as sounds, effects, filters, stickers, and hashtags, to make your videos more fun and interactive.

- They are more cost-effective and accessible. Organic TikTok ads can be created and promoted within the TikTok app, without the need for professional equipment or editing software. You can also set your own budget and duration for your campaigns, and track your performance through the TikTok for Business account.

- They are more influential and impactful. Organic TikTok ads can help you reach a large and diverse audience of over 1 billion monthly active users worldwide. Studies show that promoting organic content helps improve overall paid ad performance, as ads perform better when people are first primed by organic content. According to a study by Neurons, seeing an organic TikTok video before a paid ad increases aided brand recall by 27% and branding on the ads gets attention 12% longer[^1^].

How to create organic TikTok ads?

There are two ways to create organic TikTok ads: using your own posts or using other creators' posts.

Using your own posts

If you want to use your own posts for organic TikTok ads, you need to have a TikTok for Business account. You can sign up for one here:

Once you have a business account, you can follow these steps to create your own posts and promote them:

1. Create a video using the TikTok app or upload one from your gallery. You can use any of the creative tools available in the app, such as sounds, effects, filters, stickers, text, etc. Make sure your video is high quality, vertical, full screen, and between 15 to 60 seconds long.

2. Post your video on your TikTok account with a catchy caption and relevant hashtags. You can also tag other accounts or products if applicable.

3. Go to your profile page and tap on the video you want to promote. Then tap on the "Promote" button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

4. Choose your goal for your campaign. You can select from "more views", "more profile views", "more website visits", or "more messages".

5. Choose your target audience. You can select from "automatic" (TikTok will automatically target people who are likely to be interested in your video), or "custom" (you can set your own criteria based on gender, age range, location, interests, etc.)

6. Choose your budget and duration. You can set how much you want to spend per day and how long you want your campaign to run.

7. Review your campaign details and tap on "Start" to launch it.

Using other creators' posts

If you want to use other creators' posts for organic TikTok ads, you need to have their authorization first. You can do this by using the Spark Ads feature in the TikTok Ads Manager.

Spark Ads is a native ad format that enables you to leverage organic TikTok posts and their features in your advertising. You can use Spark Ads to:

- Build brand trust and transparency by sharing authentic stories from real people

- Create community connections by engaging with hashtag challenges or trending topics

- Test new ideas and content by experimenting with different formats or styles

To use Spark Ads, you need to follow these steps:

1. Sign up for a TikTok Ads Manager account here:

2. Create a campaign and choose "Spark Ads" as the objective.

3. Choose an ad group name and set your budget and schedule.

4. Choose a placement for your ad. You can select from "For You Page", "Detail Page", or "Discover Page".

5. Choose a bidding method and set your bid amount. You can select from "Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM)" or "Cost per Click (CPC)".

6. Choose a delivery type and set your optimization goal. You can select from "Reach", "Video Views", "Clicks", or "Conversions".

7. Choose a target audience. You can set your own criteria based on gender, age range, location, interests, etc.

8. Choose a creative type and select a video from the TikTok library. You can search for videos by keywords, hashtags, or account names. You can also filter videos by duration, resolution, sound, or category.

9. Request authorization from the video owner. You need to fill in your contact information and a brief message explaining why you want to use their video. You also need to agree to the terms and conditions of Spark Ads.

10. Wait for the video owner to approve or reject your request. You can check the status of your request in the "Authorization" tab of the TikTok Ads Manager.

11. Once your request is approved, you can review your ad details and launch your campaign.

How to optimize your organic TikTok ads?

To make the most out of your organic TikTok ads, you need to monitor and optimize your campaigns regularly. Here are some tips and best practices to help you improve your performance:

- Use data-driven insights to create engaging content. You can use the TikTok for Business account or the TikTok Ads Manager to access analytics and reports on your campaigns. You can see metrics such as impressions, views, clicks, conversions, cost, etc. You can also see how your videos perform in terms of watch time, completion rate, likes, comments, shares, etc. Use these insights to understand what works and what doesn't for your audience, and adjust your content accordingly.

- Test different variations of your videos and ads. You can use the A/B testing feature in the TikTok Ads Manager to compare different versions of your videos or ads and see which one performs better. You can test different elements such as captions, hashtags, sounds, effects, filters, stickers, text, etc. You can also test different goals, audiences, budgets, durations, placements, bidding methods, delivery types, optimization goals, etc.

- Experiment with different types of content and formats. You can use the creative tools in the TikTok app or the TikTok Ads Manager to create different types of content and formats for your organic TikTok ads. For example, you can use:

- LIVE videos to showcase your products or services in real time, interact with your viewers, answer their questions, or offer exclusive deals

- Duet or Stitch videos to collaborate with other creators or customers, showcase testimonials or reviews, or join viral trends

- Hashtag challenges to invite your audience to participate in a fun or meaningful activity related to your brand

- Branded effects to add customized stickers or filters to your videos that showcase your logo or products

- Branded sounds to add catchy music or voiceovers to your videos that highlight your brand message or slogan

- Keep up with the latest trends and topics on TikTok. You can use the Discover page or the For You Page to see what's popular and relevant on TikTok at any given time. You can also use tools like TikTok Trends Report or TikTok Trending Hashtags to see what's trending on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can use these trends and topics as inspiration for your organic TikTok ads, as long as they are related to your brand and audience.


Organic TikTok ads are a powerful way to boost your business on TikTok. They can help you create authentic and engaging content that resonates with your audience, reach new customers and drive more traffic to your website, and optimize your campaigns with data-driven insights and creative tools.

If you want to learn more about organic TikTok ads and how to use them effectively for your business, you can check out these resources:

- Data-driven tips to make your organic content stand out[^2^]

- Introducing more ways to boost your organic content with Promote[^3^]

- Spark Ads Overview[^4^]

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- Spark Ads 101: Make TikToks into Ads

We hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy TikToking!






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