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Bing Ads Pricing: How to Get the Best Value for Your Money

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If you are looking for a way to advertise your business online, you might have heard of Bing Ads. Bing Ads is a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising platform that allows you to reach millions of potential customers who use Bing, Yahoo, and other Microsoft partner sites. But how much does it cost to advertise on Bing Ads? And how can you get the most out of your budget?

In this article, I will share with you everything you need to know about Bing Ads pricing, including how it works, what factors affect it, and how to optimize your campaigns for maximum results. I have experience with Bing Ads pricing, and I want to help you make the best decision for your business.

How Bing Ads Pricing Works

Bing Ads pricing is based on a bidding system, similar to Google Ads. This means that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, not when your ad is shown. You can set a maximum amount that you are willing to pay per click (CPC) for each keyword or ad group that you target. The actual amount that you pay per click depends on the competition and the quality of your ad.

The competition is determined by how many other advertisers are bidding on the same keyword or ad group as you. The more competition, the higher the CPC. The quality of your ad is determined by how relevant and useful it is to the user's search query and intent. The higher the quality, the lower the CPC. Bing Ads uses a quality score metric to measure the quality of your ads and keywords, ranging from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best.

Bing Ads Quality Score

Bing Ads quality score is an estimate of how well your ads and keywords match the user's search intent and expectations. It is based on three factors: expected click-through rate (CTR), ad relevance, and landing page experience.

Expected CTR is a prediction of how likely your ad will be clicked when shown for a specific keyword. It is based on historical data and other factors, such as ad position and extensions. Ad relevance is a measure of how closely your ad matches the user's search query. It is based on the keywords and phrases used in your ad copy and headline. Landing page experience is a measure of how well your landing page meets the user's needs and expectations after clicking on your ad. It is based on factors such as loading speed, content quality, navigation, and mobile-friendliness.

How to Improve Your Bing Ads Quality Score

Improving your Bing Ads quality score can help you lower your CPC and increase your ad rank, which is the position of your ad on the search results page. Here are some tips to improve your Bing Ads quality score:

  • Use relevant and specific keywords that match the user's search intent.
  • Create compelling and clear ad copy that highlights your unique value proposition and includes a call to action.
  • Use ad extensions to provide additional information and options to the user, such as sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets, etc.
  • Optimize your landing page for speed, usability, and relevance. Make sure it matches the message and offer of your ad, and provides a clear and easy way for the user to convert.
  • Test and experiment with different keywords, ads, and landing pages to find out what works best for your audience and goals.

Bing Ads Pricing Factors

Besides quality score, there are other factors that affect how much you pay per click on Bing Ads. These include:

Your Bid

Your bid is the maximum amount that you are willing to pay per click for a specific keyword or ad group. You can set different bids for different keywords or ad groups, depending on their importance and performance. You can also use bid modifiers to adjust your bids based on certain criteria, such as device type, location, time of day, etc.

The higher your bid, the more likely you are to win the auction and get your ad shown. However, this does not mean that you will always pay your maximum bid. You will only pay one cent more than the next highest bidder, or the minimum bid required to show your ad, whichever is lower.

Your Budget

Your budget is the amount that you are willing to spend on Bing Ads per day or per month. You can set a daily budget for each campaign or a monthly budget for your entire account. Your budget limits how many clicks you can get per day or per month, depending on your CPC and CTR.

You can choose between two budget options: standard or accelerated. Standard budget distributes your budget evenly throughout the day, while accelerated budget spends your budget as quickly as possible. Standard budget is recommended for most advertisers, as it helps you avoid running out of budget early in the day and missing out on potential customers later on. Accelerated budget is suitable for advertisers who want to maximize their exposure and reach as many customers as possible, regardless of the time of day.

Your Targeting

Your targeting is the criteria that you use to define who can see your ads and where they can see them. You can target your ads based on keywords, locations, languages, devices, audiences, and networks. Your targeting affects how many impressions and clicks you can get, as well as how relevant and effective your ads are.

You can use different targeting options to narrow or broaden your reach, depending on your goals and budget. For example, you can use negative keywords to exclude irrelevant or low-performing keywords from your campaigns. You can use location targeting to show your ads only to users in specific areas or regions that are relevant to your business. You can use device targeting to show your ads only to users on specific devices, such as mobile phones or tablets. You can use audience targeting to show your ads only to users who have shown interest in your products or services, based on their browsing behavior or demographics. You can use network targeting to show your ads only on specific sites or platforms that are part of the Bing Network, such as Bing, Yahoo, MSN, etc.

Bing Ads Pricing Table

The following table shows some examples of Bing Ads pricing for different keywords and industries, based on average CPC data from Note that these are only estimates and may vary depending on various factors, such as quality score, competition, seasonality, etc.

KeywordIndustryAverage CPC
bing ads pricingOnline Advertising$4.55
car insuranceInsurance$9.67
personal injury lawyerLegal Services$43.35
online degreeEducation$25.29
plumber near meHome Services$11.72
pizza deliveryFood Delivery$2.75
flower deliveryE-commerce$4.01
weight loss pillsHealth & Wellness$3.17

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