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Amazon New Advertising Features for 2023

Hi everyone,

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the new advertising features that Amazon has introduced in 2021. These features offer brands and sellers new ways to reach their target audience and drive sales on Amazon.

3 New Advertising Features

1. Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display is a new ad format that allows brands to display their ads on Amazon's website and mobile app. These ads can appear on product detail pages, search results pages, and other high-traffic areas. Sponsored Display ads can be targeted to specific audiences based on their interests, demographics, and purchase history.

2. Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP is a self-service advertising platform that allows brands to run display, video, and audio ads across Amazon's properties and the web. Amazon DSP offers a variety of targeting options, including audience targeting, keyword targeting, and contextual targeting.

3. Amazon Attribution

Amazon Attribution is a tool that helps brands track the effectiveness of their advertising across Amazon's channels. Amazon Attribution provides insights into how different marketing channels, including advertising, are driving sales and conversions.

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10 FAQs About Amazon's New Advertising Features

1. What are the benefits of using Amazon's new advertising features?

There are many benefits to using Amazon's new advertising features. These features can help you:* Reach a wider audience* Increase brand awareness* Drive traffic to your product pages* Generate more sales* Improve your return on investment (ROI)

2. Which advertising feature is right for me?

The best advertising feature for you will depend on your specific goals and budget. If you're looking to reach a wider audience and generate more traffic to your product pages, then Sponsored Display is a good option. If you're looking to target specific audiences with your ads, then Amazon DSP is a good choice. And if you want to track the effectiveness of your advertising across Amazon's channels, then Amazon Attribution is a good tool.

3. How much does it cost to use Amazon's new advertising features?

The cost of using Amazon's new advertising features will vary depending on the features you use, the targeting options you choose, and the amount of traffic you receive. In general, you'll pay a per-click or per-impression fee.

4. How do I get started with Amazon's new advertising features?

To get started with Amazon's new advertising features, you'll need to create an Amazon Ads account. Once you have an account, you can choose the features you want to use and start creating your ads.

5. What are some tips for creating effective Amazon ads?Here are a few tips for creating effective Amazon ads:* Use clear and concise ad copy* Use relevant keywords* Target your ads to the right audience* Set a budget and track your results


Amazon's new advertising features offer brands

FeatureSponsored DisplayAmazon DSPAmazon Attribution
Ad formatDisplayDisplay, video, audioN/A
TargetingAudience, demographics, purchase historyAudience, keyword, contextualN/A
PricingPay-per-clickPay-per-click, cost-per-impressionN/A

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